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Welcome to DailyCute.net!

Hi, I'm Gaby and I love cute things! I created this site to share my passion with you. We feature the most kawaii pics, videos, paper crafts, do it yourself plushies & more!

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Updates and Daily Cuteness!

January 17th - New layout (Picnic Day!) + Piggy Gifts!
January 17th - New layout (Picnic Day!) + Piggy Gifts!
Hey Everyone! Long time no see! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. My online life became a trainwreck after I came back from vacation and I had SO much work to do. It took me about two days to catch up to all my emails (-_-);...

But i'm back, and I brought some presents with me :D!

I hope you guys like them! Let me know if you want any edits or anything. In other news, I'll tell you guys about a little secret. Someone new is moving into the DC family, and her site should be up soon. I'll keep you guys posted with updates.

On the 20th, I'm going back to the states. I've stayed an entire month in Ecuador with my parents! I really missed home and my friends, but I feel like its time to go back to my more independent life.

Before I go, let me post some cuteness for your enjoyment!

Posted by Gaby on Jan 17th | 6 Comments
Visitor Comments
Posted by Marg12 Jan 18th 2010

Thanks so much for my cute little piggy. That is just darling. And those little piggies in the cups is so cute. have a great day.

Posted by Rachel Jan 18th 2010

Yay, thanks for the little piggy! XDD And is it just me, or is your layout different? I'm bad at noticing things like that, I have no memory for images, but I don't remember the rainbow... :L

Posted by Tiffany Jan 18th 2010

Thanks for the cute little piggy boo! i luv it :D Ooo, new hostee, cool. :) Ughh x) school is taking over my life with work too. :{

Posted by Faith Jan 22nd 2010

Welcome back Gaby! Wow, you were there for such a long time. I want to go out of town for a month too! Lol XD The new layout is great - and those piggies you made are CUTE!

Posted by Dezi Jan 23rd 2010

Thank you so much for the piggy! c: So adorable, the layout is too.

Posted by mamnat Aug 1st 2010


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