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Welcome to DailyCute.net!

Hi, I'm Gaby and I love cute things! I created this site to share my passion with you. We feature the most kawaii pics, videos, paper crafts, do it yourself plushies & more!

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Updates and Daily Cuteness!

December 8th - Christmas is just around the corner!
December 8th - Christmas is just around the corner!
Hi everyone! So Christmas is right around the corner, and I couldn't be more excited. I've spent a ton of time online buying gifts for my family, and I'd blog about the gifts, but my family might check my blog, and that would spoil the surprise :(! I found some pretty neat things though, so i'll definitely be blogging about that later.

As you guys can probably tell, I've been obsessed with THMB lately! Its just such a fun loving community. One of the cool things that happen during Christmastime is that people give out presents, and they transform into a toy on the 24th. These are the presents I've collected so far!

http://i558.photobucket.com/albums/ss27/pixelstar-/suprisegift.png Gift from Amy http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu305/catrionaaa/teahousemb/present.gif

I'm going home on December 19th, and I'm thrilled! I haven't been home in an entire YEAR, so I can't wait to go home and see all my friends and family. I've been lucky enough to see my family several times this year but some of my friends I haven't seen since last Christmas! O_o!

I'm going to try to find some Christmas crafts and wallpapers etc for you guys to download. But for now i'm signing off. When i'm done with this blog entry I'll also update Top DCers!

Quick shout out to Rachel, Marg and Dezi! You guys are such awesome visitors/commentors :). Thank you all I love you so much!

Posted by Gaby on Dec 8th | 5 Comments
Visitor Comments
Posted by Marg12 Dec 9th 2009

That sure is a pretty plate of food. Love the little pigs. Those must be some kind of cookie

Posted by Rachel Dec 9th 2009

Ooh, thanks for the shout out

Posted by Rachel Dec 9th 2009

Ahh, most of my comment didn't go through ): *starts again* Thanks for the shout out :3 Glad you're getting to go home after so long! =) How long will you be staying for? And that plate of food looks really cute :D Especially the little piggies.

Posted by clpolly Dec 11th 2009

aww! the piggies are too cute to eat!

Posted by Dezi Dec 12th 2009

Thanks for the shout out for the three of us ;D I might join THMB, but lately I've been obsessed with Subeta. :x Aw! That food looks so cute, yet delicious! I wish I could hug the piggy's! D:

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