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Welcome to DailyCute.net!

Hi, I'm Gaby and I love cute things! I created this site to share my passion with you. We feature the most kawaii pics, videos, paper crafts, do it yourself plushies & more!

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Updates and Daily Cuteness!


December 4th - Bad blogger! Shame on you!
Hi Everyone! I'm not proud to say that its been a LONG TIME since my last update. I've been really busy with my offline life and somehow blogging became the last thing in my list. I promise to blog more often though :)

Let me update you with the latest happenings.

1) I got a Springform! Its a cool website that lets you ask me questions (publicly or anonymously). Click here to check out all the questions that have already been asked, and use the widget below to ask me anything :).

2) DC is all dressed up for Chirstmas! Do you guys like the new layout? I love love love Christmas time so DC needs to looks festive!

3) Are you guys members of Teahouse MB? Its a really fun & cute community full of activities and games. During this is time of the year, people give out lots of gifts. Here are some of the gifts I've received so far :). If you guys haven't joined you should definitely try it out. TMHB is really fun!

4) I found this really cute tutorial on THMB a long time ago. I've uploaded it to the crafts section! You can learn how to make these super cute crayons. I don't remember who made it so I haven't been able to give credit. If you know the creator please let me know! Click the image to see the tutorial.

5) A couple of days I broke 600 followers on Twitter. I can't believe it :)! Thank for all the support guys, it means a ton.

And that's about it! Once again I'm so sorry for the lack of updates but I promise to come back with more. Hope you all are having a wonderful time and see you next blog :D! Oh! And don't forget the cuteness!

Posted by Gaby on Dec 4th | 4 Comments | Link | Categories: Dogs
September 9th - and the winner iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis *drumroll*
Hi Everyone! Its the end of the week! (Actually its Wednesday, it just took me longer than I thought it would), and i'm here to thank all my lovely commenters for commenting on my blog! These were the final scores:

Marg12 (8)
Puffs (6)
Ashleenah (5)
Jamesisgsnap (4)
Liesl (2)
Ferny (2)
SarahNL (2)
Dita (1)
Clopolly (2)
Danielle (1)

Thanks to everyone for being such wonderful guests and commenting on my posts. Like I promised, the top 2 DCers will win 2 weeks of free advertising! Congrats to Marg and Puffs! You guys are the Top DCers! Please comment on this post with your site url and site button so I can link you on the advertising section! You are now also listed as winner at the TopDCers page! I have also reset the top DCers comments to 0 to give everyone a fair chance. In two weeks the next 2 TopDcers will be picked and you will have a chance to win 2 free weeks of advertising.

I have a couple more annoucements:

1. Thanks for everyone who voted for DC at the THMB site of the year competition! I appreciate it so much! We were really close to winning! Here were the final results! Hopefully next year we will win!

2. Also, two of my lovely affies provided DC with these two cute buttons as affie gifts. Thanks Lou Bridget and Faith!

That's its for this blog, pretty soon i'll be posting about a new contest that i'm thinking about starting, but details will come later! Until next time, and before I go, don't forget the cuteness:

Posted by Gaby on Sep 9th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Dogs
August 31st - Its my Birthday soon!
August 31st - Its my Birthday soon!
Hi Everyone! I'm really excited because.... drumroll.... its my birthday on September 1st! I'll be turning 22!. Which is pretty crazy! I still am not used to the idea that I've graduated from college, so turning 22 feels weird. Anyway, I'm really excited to celebrate with my friends! I don't know what we're doing yet, probably dinner and then going out to a club or bar.

Also, I've been searching for Chinchillas around my area, because I want to get a baby Chinchillas. If you raise a Chinchilla when its a baby, it becomes really attached to its owner, so if I got one, I'd definitely want to get a baby one :). The Chinchilla I'm thinking about buying is 3.5 hours away from here though, (which would be about 7 hours round trip)... so I don't know if its happening or not. I'll keep you guys posted! Before I leave, let me leave you with some cuteness submitted by one of our readers!

Posted by Gaby on Aug 31st | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Dogs
August 28th - Feeling better :)
August 28th - Feeling better :)
Hi Everyone! Thanks for all your encouraging comments on my last post. I'm feeling tremendously better and i'm pretty sure I don't have swine flu (lol). I updated a bunch of things here at DC that were seriously overdue. I did affie cleanups (took forever), updated the links page, the advertisers page, added all new advertisers and updated all Top Dcers! Remember, If you are one of the Top 2 Dcers by next Sunday your website can Win 2 Free Weeks of advertising. I decided to increase it to two to give a higher reward to all my lovely commenters!

I've also been thinking about hosting some sort of domain competition. Where people compete to win a domain name + hosting at DC (if you need it). Would you guys be interested in something like that? I still haven't thought what type of competition, so if anyone has any ideas please let me know in the comments!

That's pretty much it for today, before I leave let me post some cuteness, submitted by one of our readers! I'm also posting two gifts that were submitted by GMH fans to us. Thanks so much they are wonderful!

Posted by Gaby on Aug 28th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Dogs
GivesMeHope and Givoogle Updates
GivesMeHope and Givoogle Updates
I realize that I haven't blogged recently about either GivesMeHope or Givoogle (the other two sites I run with Emerson) so I thought it'd be nice to keep you guys updated! The two sites have done incredibly well since their launching back in the beginning of the summer!

GivesMeHope currently receives 25,000 unique hits a day, and Givoogle about 28,000.

Quantcast is an online company that directly measures a site's popularity and rank. Everyday they analyze Givoogle's and GivesMeHope's incoming hits to provide us with the following statistics:

GivesMeHope is ranked as the 17,972 most visited site on the net, and has a monthly global reach of 107,900 people. Givoogle is ranked 32,300 and has a global reach of 51,000 people (click on the numbers to view the screenshots).

So you can say I'm really proud of how well both sites have been doing (and continue to do!) Both GMH and Givoogle grow every day, so i'm excited to see what impact they'll have around the world. :)

Some other news, the I-phone app for GMH is coming out soon. So if you are a fan of GMH and have an I-phone be on the lookout for our application in the mac app store!

The University of Memphis newspaper, called The Daily Helmsman has began to print a "Daily GMHS" in the section with the crosswords, sudoku and comics. The GMH section is about 1/4 of a page big! I'll try to scan it soon so I can show it to you guys!

One last thing before I leave. As you guys can probably guess, running these sites is pretty time consuming, which is the main reason I've been missing some updates here at DC. There's nothing to fear however, since DC holds an incredibly dear place in my heart and I would never EVER consider taking DailyCute offline. Tthis is a really long post now, so i'll get going but enjoy the cuteness! Also remember, if you comment on this post, you'll earn points towards becoming a TopDcer! I love your comments and appreciate them so much guys! To learn more about Top DCers click here

Posted by Gaby on Aug 20th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Dogs
August 6th - HUGE CAT... itty bitty little doggy!
August 6th - HUGE CAT... itty bitty little doggy!
Hi Everyone! Hope everyone's been having a fantastic week, and its almost friday! wohoo! I have a couple of good news and bad news... I always thought getting the bad news out of the way was better so bad news first:

Bad news: Our lovely hostee Becca will have to leave our family :(. Her site was infected (with what seems to be a trojan) that is prompting its visitors to download malware. We tried to find the cause be we could not, so she will have to shut down her site (in order to protect all the other sites in the Daily Cute network). We're gonna miss her a lot, and we hope to see her online again soon. :)

Good news:
1) We've increased the number of TopDcer's to 7! And I made it so that the top DCer's are shown if you scroll down! Its just a little way of thanking my commenters for all their support! I'm really sorry if I haven't been able to comment back. I've been really with the move in, but I promise to get better at it :).

2) Our newest family member has moved into DailyCute! Please welcome Bridget with her site Stardust! We're really happy to have you here :).

3) DailyCute was nominated to be a Site of the month candidate at Peach Palm! I would appreciate it so much if you could vote for me! Click HERE!

So overall there are a bunch more happy news than sad news.. YAY! Now before I leave, i'll give you so more cuteness :) Submitted by our reader Tara! HUGE cat... and itty bitty little doggy!

Posted by Gaby on Aug 6th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Dogs
August 4th - MOVING IN!
August 4th - MOVING IN!
Hi everyone! Sorry for the big fail and no update yesterday... I'm moving into my new apartment (like I mentioned previously) and there's been so much packing/unpacking. I did an update on my Roboto page regarding moving in. All the posters i'm holding are posters I still ahve to put up! You can check out my little video right here! Also, if you have a twitter, let me know because i've been getting into it a lot lately and i'd love to follow my visitors! This is my Twitter page. I'd love it if you could follow me :)

Edit: Thanks James for letting me know that the Twitter link was broken. Here's a link to my Twitter.

So yeah... moving in has been pretty hectic. Hopefully I'll be all done within the next few days! I'll leave you guys with some cuteness before I leave. And don't forget to comment! The more you comment the more points you'll get towards becoming "Top DCers"! Bye looooves!

Posted by Gaby on Aug 4th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Dogs
August 2nd - Meeee? I Didn't do it!
August 2nd - Meeee? I Didn't do it!
Hi everyone! Sorry for missing an update today/yesterday. My offline life got busy and unfortunately I never got enough time near the computer. I went to Warped Tour today, and saw some AMAZING bands, got a lot of free shirts/food/stickers, etc! It was in chicago, so we drove up with 4 of my friends and spent all day there.... It was too much fun!!! But now I'm Exhausted, so the second I finish this post, i'm going to bed :). Hope that everyone's been having an awesome weekend! I'll write more details tomorrow! Before I leave, I shall post some cuteness.. hope you enjoy it! Night peeps :)

Oh btw, remember, if you comment on this post you will receive top DCers points, and you can have your name displayed in the right navigation section called "Top DCers". To learn more, click here

Posted by Gaby on Aug 1st | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Dogs
July 30th - Lets ride a bicycle made out of dreams into friendship
July 30th - Lets ride a bicycle made out of dreams into friendship
Hi everyone! Thanks so much for all the comments on the previous post! Everyone who commented is currently on the Top DCers section points to the right. If you wanna find out how to be one of the top DCers read the post below!

Yesterday I went sailing with some friends. We had a ton of fun and there was also really good wind (so we could go really fast). It was a beautiful July day, so the water was really warm and the sun was shining in! We stayed out there for a couple of hours, and then wen't back home. I had so much fun!

Before I go, lemme post a picture Dylan found.... It doesn't even make grammatical sense but it makes my heart melts every time I see this :)...

Posted by Gaby on Jul 30th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Dogs
July 23rd - Puppy Pez Dispenser
Hi Everyone! Quick update before going to bed right here :) (Do you guys see a trend? I almost always update right before bedtime, lol). Thanks so much to Danielle for her submission of this ultra cute Puppy Pez Dispenser! If only pez dispensers were that cute :).

Btw, since I got back from vacay i'm planning on adding a lot of new content to the site, including a revamped games page. It might take a little while, but hopefully it'll be up by the end of the week :)!

Posted by Gaby on Jul 23rd | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Dogs
July 20th - Trip time oveeeer :)
Its bittersweet, but my vacation has come to an end! I had so much fun in DC and NYC but its time to go back home :). I have a lot of catching up to do with my online life at DailyCute, and also Givesmehope / Givoogle (the other sites I run)! I'll keep this entry short because its time for me to go to bed, but I'm looking forward to get back to regular programming! See you guys tomorrow!

Posted by Gaby on Jul 20th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Dogs
July 17th - Tireeeed ZZzzz..... :)
Hi Everyone! I'm so sorry for the lack of updates the last couple of days. As you guys know, i'm still on the road, so its been difficult to update frequently! I should be back home on the 20th so everything should be back to normal by then :).

I've had a lot of fun in NYC with my family and my friends! I spent some time with Emerson my fiancee, my mom, sister and a couple of friends from college! Then I took a train from NY to DC yesterday to hang out with my friends from high school! I'll post more details later.

Anyways, i'm really tired now :).... so I'm posting this cute napping dog! I'm gonna go get some Zzzz.... Love you guys! ttyl!

Posted by Gaby on Jul 17th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Dogs
July 12th - Patient Kitty
I believe hands down puppies are the cutest animals ever. And although cats and dogs don't seem to get along well, this kitty and puppy are really good friends! My fiance has a black labrador, and one time a kitty got into the house. Lets just say that kitty is never coming back to the house again. If only they could get along like these two!

Posted by Gaby on Jul 12th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Dogs
July 10th - Dogs have it so easy!
Honestly... Dogs have it so easy. Sometimes I wish I were a dog just to try it out for a day. Check out this cute video below! This doggy waves at you whenever it wants you to pet it! Its so adorable I could not resist him! lucky dog!

Posted by Gaby on Jul 10th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Dogs
July 7th - Off to NYC!
Hi Everyone! Just doing a quick update to let you guys know that i'm headed to NYC today! I'll be gone for 2 weeks, but i'm sure i'll find time here and there to keep the Daily Updates coming!

I'm really gonna miss you all so much but i'm also so excite about going! I'll post later with more details about the trip! Bye Bye loves! Smell ya later!

Posted by Gaby on Jul 7th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Dogs
July 6th - Best Bath EVER!
Hi everyone! I'm excited to announce that our family has grown yet again! Please welcome the newest member of the DailyCute.net family! Leigh @ Ani-Cute! She has wonderful content on her site and she even sells her handmade charms! Go give her a visit and leave her some comments if you have a chance! I'm sure she'll appreciate it greatly!

Regarding today's cuteness, I absolutely couldn't resist when I saw this picture! This honestly looks like the best bath ever! I wouldn't want to be that rubber ducky... jajaja! See you guys in tomorrow's update!

Posted by Gaby on Jul 5th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Dogs
July 4rth - Happy Fourth of July!
Hi Everyone! As many of you may know, today is the fourth of July! (Independence Day in the US!), So today we have a special patriotic puppy edition! Happy Fourth of July!

I've also added a lot of new entries to our Drawing board Gallery! You should check it out if you have a chance. The drawing board is a really nice way to leave your mark here at DailyCute, so if you draw something that you like, take a screenshot of it and sent it to me through the contact form! I'd love to add it to our gallery. Click on the image to go to the drawing board. Here are some new drawings:

Posted by Gaby on Jul 4th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Dogs
July 3rd - Hugs Plz??
Hi Everyone! I'm doing a quick entry before going to bed! First of all I just wanted to thank everyone for all your wondeful comments about getting on the top 100,000 (in the comments and the tagboard too!) Thanks for sharing in the excitement with me!

I've also been working on fixing all the coding errors so that DailyCute will load faster and properly in all browsers! I'll keep you guys updated with the progress! And now enjoy today's cuteness! Don't you just wanna give him a hug??

Posted by Gaby on Jul 3rd | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Dogs
June 29th - Dis how you replace meh??
This is a special edition for pug lovers. I think pugs are amazing, and if I could get a dog, I would seriously consider getting a pug! ^-^.

Site Update:

I'm really glad to announce we also have a new members moving into the Daily Cute family. Welcome Kennya & Becca we're really happy to have you! They have just begun their the move in process so it might be a while till their sites are up, but I just wanted to let them know how happy we are that they are moving in!

Posted by Gaby on Jun 28th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Dogs
June 22nd - Cute dressups!
Hi Everyone! I'm really sorry I missed yesterday's update (shame on me).... to make up for it, i'll upload three picture for today's entry... Personally i'm not the type that would dress up my pet in skirts and stuff, but I think these costumes are hilarious. I couldn't believe someone actually dressed the guinea pig up! lol! ^-^

Posted by Gaby on Jun 22nd | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Dogs

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