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Welcome to DailyCute.net!

Hi, I'm Gaby and I love cute things! I created this site to share my passion with you. We feature the most kawaii pics, videos, paper crafts, do it yourself plushies & more!

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Updates and Daily Cuteness!


February 6th - I'm BACK!
February 6th - I'm BACK!
Hi Everyone!

I'm sooooooo sorry! This is the longest I've ever gone without doing a blog (even a short one) -_____-; I've been really busy with other projects, and I just couldn't bring myself to write a blog.

I've got a couple of announcements! Emerson and I launched the official website for the twitter OMG Facts. Its one of the BIGGEST twitter accounts, with approximately 300,000+ followers.

The url is OMG-facts.com, I suggest you check it out. There are many interesting facts like:

"You're more likely to die on your way to buy a lottery ticket than you are to actually win the lottery."

"The Bible is the number one most shoplifted book of all time."

"Charlie Chaplin once lost a Charlie Chaplin look-a-like contest. He didn't even make the finals."

Aren't these interesting? We check them all before posting them to make sure they are true and then post a link to the source.

Apart from that, I've been really bummed lately that many of my online friends have either closed their blogs or put them on hiatus. Friends like Lien, Ferny, Lou, etc. I really hope they come back online. I miss them tons :(.

Well that's it for now. There haven't been any exciting things going on in my personal life so there's not much to say about that, lol. I got a lot of messages asking me to start blogging again, but I don't know how often i'll be able to blog. If you want to follow me on a more constant basis you should try twitter! I update that everyday :). Here's my Twitter Link.

Before I go, don't forget the cuteness!

Posted by Gaby on Feb 6th | 6 Comments | Link | Categories: Cats
October 16th - Congratulations Dani!
CONGRATULATIONS DANI! You have won October's SOTM! In a fierce competition that was tied all the way to the end, Dani got enough votes before the end of the competition to beat Bridget during October's SOTM. Check out the results:

I've decided that since everyone was such a good sport & participant, the top 3 contestants will win the Panda siggy! I will also make a gifts for all the people who participated this month!

I probably won't hold another SOTM till a while from now. I want to do a domain competition first and after that I'll probably host another SOTM!

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED! I hope you guys had fun (I know I did :)

Dani: You will get an email from me soon with questions for the interview which will be posted on my next blog! Also, check out your site being displayed on the right hand navigation!

Bridget, Ash and Dani: Let me know what text and color you want for your panda siggy!

To all the participants: Keep checking back as I will post gifts for you guys later!

Thanks so much! & don't forget the cuteness:

Posted by Gaby on Oct 16th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Cats
September 10th - CONTEST TIME! *everyone cheers*
Hi Everyone! I decided that its time to bring some contests and new activities to DC, which is the reason DailyCute is having its first ever Site of the Month contest! This SOTM has many prizes though :)! The winner of the SOTM will win three things:

1. Their site will be featured for an entire month here at DailyCute in a "Spotlight On" box.
2. The winner will get an online interview that will be displayed here at Daily Cute! (unless you request not to, that is). The interview will be a mix of website/personal questions, like the site's history, future plans for the site, personal interests, hobbies, etc.
3. A custom Panda Siggy for your site, message board, etc! This one has my name on it, but I can change the color and size for your name :)

I think this is a nice way to make SOTM more personal, and to actually get to know our SOTM winners better!

How to participate

In the comments for this post, please write:

Your Name:
Site Name:
Site url:

I will leave this blog post up for 1-3 days depending on how many signups we get. Once the participants have joined, I will set up a voting booth, where our visitors can vote for the SOTM. Participants should also blog about the contest so their visitors can come to DC and support them during the competition!

Good luck to everyone and I hope people enjoy this contest at DailyCute! Btw, don't forget the cuteness:

Posted by Gaby on Sep 10th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Cats
Auguast 22n - Angelica is all moved in!
Auguast 22n - Angelica is all moved in!
Hi Everyone! I'm extremely happy to announce that our newest member to the DC family is all moved in! Welcome Angelica!, we're so happy to have you here! Angelica has finished moving in and is looking for lots of friends and affies, so I would suggest visiting her site and welcoming her. Her layout is TOO CUTE for words. Check it out below. (she also made the little duck with my name on it! Thx so much!!!)

I also wanted to let everyone know who has recently applied for hosting at Daily Cute, I think you all are really talented, but like in the e-mails I've sent you, I don't want the family to get too big otherwise it won't feel like a family anymore :). I know you guys won't have any trouble finding hosts since you are all so talented :).

On other news, my friends are all back to South Bend! Yesterday we had a get together/party and I had a blast. I've missed them all so much so its great to be back together. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming months :). My very best friend in the world (Anafer) is also coming to visit me sometime within the next two months... I haven't seen her in almost a year, so I can't WAIT for her to come. I'm very excited about this!

Also, don't forget to comment and earn points towards being a top DCer! (located on the right navigation bar). Btw, Top DCer is reset every two weeks, but if you are the TopDcer, you will earn two free weeks of advertising at DailyCute :)! To learn more, click here. And before I leave, lets not forget today's cute pic High Five Guys!

Posted by Gaby on Aug 22nd | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Cats
August 17th - Winter Love
August 17th - Winter Love
Hi Guys! Sorry for the non-blog yesterday. Our internet was down and it still is (i'm currently at a Barnes & Noble) until we can figure it out. Nothing too exciting over here, so i'll make this a quick blog. I do have a couple of announcements:

1) I've cleared out the top referrers, so starting today everyone has 0 points again. I've left all the names up, but no one has any points right now.

2) I've started using Daily Mugshot, and I waited for a couple of days before posting it. I currently have 5 shots on my mugshow, but its starting to look kinda cool! If any of you guys join Dailly Mushot, let me know so I can follow you. Look at my mugshow! Before I leave i'll leave you guys with some cuteness I found online the other day! Enjoy!

Posted by Gaby on Aug 17th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Cats
August 10th - Daily Cute won SOTM!
August 10th - Daily Cute won SOTM!
Hi everyone! First of all I want to thank everyone who voted for DailyCute to win SOTM at Peach Palm! We did it, and here's the cute award we got for it :)

Some other exciting news are that my good friend Emilie from college is coming to visit Emerson and I on Wednesday! I CAN'T WAIT! Its going to be a blast and I miss her like hell (as well as all of my other friends from school :(... So i'm really looking forward to that. Apart from that not much going on around here, other than this uber cute video I found the other day. These kittens have learned a lot of tricks, including "play dead" its amazing!!

Posted by Gaby on Aug 10th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Cats
August 6th - HUGE CAT... itty bitty little doggy!
August 6th - HUGE CAT... itty bitty little doggy!
Hi Everyone! Hope everyone's been having a fantastic week, and its almost friday! wohoo! I have a couple of good news and bad news... I always thought getting the bad news out of the way was better so bad news first:

Bad news: Our lovely hostee Becca will have to leave our family :(. Her site was infected (with what seems to be a trojan) that is prompting its visitors to download malware. We tried to find the cause be we could not, so she will have to shut down her site (in order to protect all the other sites in the Daily Cute network). We're gonna miss her a lot, and we hope to see her online again soon. :)

Good news:
1) We've increased the number of TopDcer's to 7! And I made it so that the top DCer's are shown if you scroll down! Its just a little way of thanking my commenters for all their support! I'm really sorry if I haven't been able to comment back. I've been really with the move in, but I promise to get better at it :).

2) Our newest family member has moved into DailyCute! Please welcome Bridget with her site Stardust! We're really happy to have you here :).

3) DailyCute was nominated to be a Site of the month candidate at Peach Palm! I would appreciate it so much if you could vote for me! Click HERE!

So overall there are a bunch more happy news than sad news.. YAY! Now before I leave, i'll give you so more cuteness :) Submitted by our reader Tara! HUGE cat... and itty bitty little doggy!

Posted by Gaby on Aug 6th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Cats
July 12th - Patient Kitty
I believe hands down puppies are the cutest animals ever. And although cats and dogs don't seem to get along well, this kitty and puppy are really good friends! My fiance has a black labrador, and one time a kitty got into the house. Lets just say that kitty is never coming back to the house again. If only they could get along like these two!

Posted by Gaby on Jul 12th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Cats
July 9th - KITTY HUGZ!
Hi Everyone! Luckily I got a quick chance to update DailyCute today! Sorry i've been MIA but as you can see in the last post, I'm currently in NYC so I hardly get a chance to be on the computer. For the same reason, I must be brief and get going now, but not before posting some kitty cutenes.... I Can Has Hugz?!

Posted by Gaby on Jul 9th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Cats
June 17th - Why can't we be frieeeends?
Hi Everyone! Switching back to regular programming, we're back to the animal cuteness, though i'm glad to know everyone enjoys the cute food (and some have been inspired to make it too!)

Do you guys remember the song "why can't we be frieeeends!" This image reminds me of that song :)

Posted by Gaby on Jun 17th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Cats
May 31st - Update on GMH and Ninja Cat!
Hey guys! let me keep you guys posted on everything that's happened lately! as you read in yesterday's entry, my fiancee Emerson and I launched our new site yesterday called "Gives me Hope". We asked all our readers and visitors to please Digg the site up if they liked it. If you receive enough diggs, your article makes it to the front page where thousands of people will see it. In about 2 hours we made it to the front page, and thanks to that we received over 185,000 hits in 24 hours!

It was seriously amazing! people really loved the site, in the short period of time its been online, GMH gained 209 Twitter Followers, 317 Facebook Followers, and 438 people who registered for an account at GMH! I can safely say we had a GREAT first day and I cannot wait to see how the site will keep growing and improving over the next few days! I'll keep you guys posted

Now back to normal cuteness! Let me post a video about an amazing ninja cat. I thought it was fake at first, so I did some researching and this video is TRUE! its amazing!

Posted by Gaby on May 31st | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Cats
May 29th - Whack-a-MOUSE!
Did you guys ever play that game called whack-a-mole? You know... you had a plastic hammer and whenever the mole came out of the hole you would hit it in the head? Well.. I found this online recently, and it looks a lot more fun that whack-a-mole! Enjoy!

Posted by Gaby on May 28th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Cats
May 28th - Kitty's new best friend!
Have a pet kitty and want to spoil them a little bit? Forget the mouse and the catnip... This RADIATOR is your kitty's new best friend! lol :)

Oh and btw, if you haven't yet, please join the new daily cute rotation! A cute new rotation for all my visitor's websites :)!

Posted by Gaby on May 27th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Cats
May 25th - I are CUTE kitten!!
Just a couple of things:

If you haven't already, please show your support for daily cute by:

Subscribing to our RSS Feed!

Subscribe to our RSS feed!

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Follow us on Twitter!

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Bookmarking us!

Bookmark us!

Thanks so much for showing your appreciation!

Also thanks to Dylan for this incredibly cute video!

May 16th - Nora the Piano playing cat!
Thanks to Bill for this submission! This is a video of Nora the piano playing cat. She's really talented too! Check it out!

Posted by Gaby on May 16th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Cats
May 9th - EVERYONE loves cupcakes ;)
Hey Everyone! Guess what... mother's day is tomorrow, and I've been thinking a lot about what to get my mommy. I still haven't decided, but at one point I thought baking her something would be nice :). Just make sure that if you bake something for your mom you don't leave it lying around, or they will suffer the same consequences these cupcakes did! >.<, oops....

Posted by Gaby on May 9th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Cats
May 6th - Adoptive Crow!
Spinning off of yesterday's story, I found a video today of this crow who found an abandoned kitty, and took it in as its baby! Strange enough to think that birds and cats are natural enemies, but these two guys are best buddies.

Their story totally reminds me of The fox and the Hound. A really cute Disney movie about a fox and a hound who despite their differences, they become the best of friends. Definitely recommend it!

Posted by Gaby on May 6th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Cats
May 4th - Do not interrupt.... NAPTIME! :)
Site Updates:

Due to a high demand of cuteness, Daily cute will now begin updating TWICE A DAY!!!! (everyone cheers)

Seriously though, be excited, because now you can DOUBLE your fix of cuteness everyday!


Please no interrupting!!! You don't want to wake up Ducky :)!

Posted by Gaby on May 4th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Cats
Daily Cutefix April/18th - DJ Kitty!
Lol, I got a bunch of messages today saying I put up the wrong link yesterday! SORRY!... That's my bad :) so here's the right link for the paper hearts tutorial!

And for today's cutefix, watch this kitty DJ! Make sure you watch till the end... its cute and funny :)
Posted by Gaby on Apr 18th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Cats
Daily Cutefix April/1st -
I found the most darling thing today... I melted when I saw it :) ! Its so cute! Today I caught a cold... I've had fever for most of the day, so I didn't get to do much of anything (either schoolwork or even Skuisi)... I've been such a couch potato!

I'm heading to bed soon, because I want to get a lot of sleep in to feel better :).

1) We have one new affiliate, her site is GORGEOUS, the site name is Sweet Note! You can find it under my links page.
2) Thanks for all the comments and encouragement on Skuisi's successes! Everything comes on step at a time right?
3) New layout is complete, with all edits and everything, it'll go online TOMORROW! (I promise :)

Posted by Gaby on Apr 1st | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Cats

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