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Welcome to DailyCute.net!

Hi, I'm Gaby and I love cute things! I created this site to share my passion with you. We feature the most kawaii pics, videos, paper crafts, do it yourself plushies & more!

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Updates and Daily Cuteness!


March 10 - Hi loves!
March 10 - Hi loves!
Hi Everyone!

I hate starting a blog post by saying... "I'm sorry I haven't blogged in forever", but that seems to be a trending topic lately :P. How has everyone been? I've missed you a bunch! I've been really busy with life lately, but a lot of fun things have happened recently.

1. I went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans this year! I visited two of my good friends from high school, and we stayed with them for 6 days. We have such a great time! We went to so many parades and got dozens of beads. The floats throw all kinds of things at you, including plushies, toys and even food :S.

2. Remember how I was talking about the new site Emerson and I started? The official OMG-Facts.com website? Well... we started a new YouTube channel to deliver the sites in video format. It has been received so well and that makes me incredibly happy! Let me share the first video with you guys. We're planning on releasing about two videos per week

3. Look at all the purdy gifts I've gotten from my friends recently! Aren't they beautiful? To look at my gift collection click here. These are my most recent gifts :). Hover over each image to see who the gift is by.

Thanks Cassie! Thanks Cassie! Thanks Cassie! Thanks Lavie! Thanks Lavie! Thanks Amy!

Even though this was a short blog, i'll try to make my updates more consistent. The more projects we launch the more I've been testing the limits of my time, and unfortunately DC has suffered a lack of updates because of it. I promise to try my hardest to update you guys more often!

And before I forget, check out this cuteness:

Posted by Gaby on Mar 10th | 7 Comments | Link | Categories: Hamsters
January 17th - New layout (Picnic Day!) + Piggy Gifts!
January 17th - New layout (Picnic Day!) + Piggy Gifts!
Hey Everyone! Long time no see! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. My online life became a trainwreck after I came back from vacation and I had SO much work to do. It took me about two days to catch up to all my emails (-_-);...

But i'm back, and I brought some presents with me :D!

I hope you guys like them! Let me know if you want any edits or anything. In other news, I'll tell you guys about a little secret. Someone new is moving into the DC family, and her site should be up soon. I'll keep you guys posted with updates.

On the 20th, I'm going back to the states. I've stayed an entire month in Ecuador with my parents! I really missed home and my friends, but I feel like its time to go back to my more independent life.

Before I go, let me post some cuteness for your enjoyment!

Posted by Gaby on Jan 17th | 6 Comments | Link | Categories: Hamsters
December 31st - Happy New Years!

*EDIT* - New Years Layout! (^___^)!

You know what I thought of? 2010 is going to be a weird year. Previous years were pronounced by saying:'09 (0-NINE)... so what are we supposed to say for 2010? Just 10? Or... 0-TEN? lol. I was thinking about that just now XD

Have you guys decided on a new years resolution already? What about your hopes and wishes for 2010? I've decided to write down a quick new years resolution, and hope it inspires you to do the same (either in comments or in your own blogs ^^)

Some things I'm looking forward to in 2010:
1. GMH book coming out at the end of next year (approximately)
2. Several new projects Em and I launching. (look for them in the coming months)
3. LGMH (launched yesterday!) For those who couldn't get enough of the "true love" stories on GMH.

Next year I haaaaave to:
1. I have to work out more! (Even though I don't gain weight when I'm not exercising I still want to be fit and healthy).
2. Be better about keeping in touch with my friends (basically calling more often). I'm really hard to get a hold of sometimes >_<
3. Grow all my sites (especially Givoogle more so we can raise more money for charity ^^).

I want to know some of your hopes/dreams/goals in the comments so please let me know! Later today I'll also be updating TopDcers, and after this blog we'll pick our next two people to win free advertising! I'll keep you guys posted.

Some other quick exciting news! Thank you all for all the help at the IceCaves web awards! Daily Cute WON! In BOTH categories dances around in excitement lookit lookit:

Take care and hope 2010 is wonderful to each and every one of you! Before going, don't forget the cuteness ^^.

Posted by Gaby on Dec 31st | 5 Comments | Link | Categories: Hamsters
August 28th - Sick as a dog...
August 28th - Sick as a dog...
Hi Everyone! Although we are pretty much in the middle of summer, I still managed to catch a cold. How? I have no idea. But it sucks, because I feel terrible right now. I've been a couch potato ALL DAY, and haven't gotten anything done. I never even changed out of my PJs. Either way, I had fun because Emerson kept me company and took care of me :). I feel loved.

I still haven't added anything new to DailyCute, and have a bunch of new advertisers to put up. I promise i'll get to it tomorrow. Today I hardly had the motivation to blog! (and i'm usually really excited about blogging).

One last thing. I still haven't updated the TopDcers, but tomorrow i'll update all the ones from today and yesterday! Sorry guys, I know you know what's its like to be sick and not want to do anything but lie around in bed.

My friend Emilie left two days ago but we got to see her before she left. We had so much fun with her, and we're going to miss her a ton :).

Before I go, let me post some cuteness, and promise i'll be back tomorrow all motivated and ready to update DC!

Posted by Gaby on Aug 27th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Hamsters
May 7th - Hammie Gamer
May I get a drumroll please.......
Today I had my very LAST final exam! Meaning I'm officially DONE with college! We still have one more week to have fun with our friends, our graduation ceremony, and then its time to say goodbye :(...

I can't believe how fast it went, but I seriously had the time of my life.

Now that I'm done, I'm gonna do like this Hammie here, and play video games all day. Yeaaaah!!!

Posted by Gaby on May 7th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Hamsters
Daily Cutefix Apirl/5th -
Hi everyone! I know this is a long post but there are a lot of announcements! Bear with me for a little bit :)

Site Stuff:
1) I am really sad to announce that one of my hostees has decided not to own her website anymore. I will close her site sometime tomorrow, so if you want to visit her site before she leaves click on the button below!

Also, since Merry is leaving, it means we have another spot open for hosting. Click HERE is you are interested

2) I also ran Daily Cute site through an SEO website called website grader, When I first ran it through, I scored an 85, but thanks to their tips and help I was able to bump up the grade to a 97.5! If you own a website, I really recommend running it through website grader! Its a free and easy way to greatly improve your site!

3)Congratulations to the winners of free advertising! Stay tuned to learn how to win free advertising every week!
1) Yana
2) Kitty
3) Dezi
4) Ferny
5) Jack

I know this was a long post, but before I leave, let me post today's cutefix entry... This is PRICELESS... If you own a hamster and thought you needed to buy it a wheel? Think again!

Posted by Gaby on Apr 5th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Hamsters
Daily Cutefix April/1st - Nom Nom Nom!
As you may have noticed recently... Dailycute has been totally out of whack lately! The really good news is that we changed to a new news posting script! Finally rid of cutenews.... because it kept getting spammed like CRAZY (even with spam protection) and for whatever reason my database got deleted again... frustrating!

Anyways, the only downside is that people have to register in order to comment :(, but its better than having all my content being wiped out all the time! The topsite and other stuff have been down too, but slowly everything is coming back to being online!

Last but not least, because of the new posting news script we are able to have categories! They are going to be listed in the left navigation bar, and you will be able to browse through all of Daily cute's cute entries!! I really wanted to make a new April Fool's joke today, but I spent all day taking care of stuff at Skuisi that has been down and stuf... :( .... Did anyone play any pranks on you?

And last but not least... today's cutefix is Nom Nom NOOOOOM! :D

Posted by Gaby on Apr 1st | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Hamsters

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