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Welcome to DailyCute.net!

Hi, I'm Gaby and I love cute things! I created this site to share my passion with you. We feature the most kawaii pics, videos, paper crafts, do it yourself plushies & more!

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Updates and Daily Cuteness!


Long time no see friends!
Long time no see friends!
Hey Guys! I've been away for a while, but I wanted to do a quick blog to show you a video I put together yesterday. Many of you know Zoe my baby chinchilla. I made a montage of her doing cute stuff :3, check it out!

Love you and miss all of you!

Posted by Gaby on Feb 3rd | 1 Comment | Link | Categories: Videos
July 13th - Otter playing the keyboard
Hi everyone! Look at the amazing video that was submitted by one of our readers! This otter can play the keyboard! Its pretty amazing... When I used to have dogs they didn't even know the site command. Gives me something to look up to! lol... check it out!

On other news, i'm still in NYC and having a blast, but I only have 2 more days here! On the 14th i'm going to DC to visit my best friend, and on the 15th i'm getting ready to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! WOOOO! i'm excited ^-^ !

Posted by Gaby on Jul 13th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Videos
June 18th - My friend Dylan's video!
Hi Everyone! I wanted to show you a really special video! My friend Dylan goes to a graphics design school, and this is one of the videos he had to make as a project for one of his classes. I LOVE IT!! And I hope you guys love it too! Would love to hear your comments on this one (and i'm sure dylan would too!)

Btw, I've been thinking a lot about the pixel community and I've realized that i've drifted a little further from it. Since Daily Cute is no longer of the pixel community exclusively, I took down a lot of site content pertaining pixel site, but I feel nostalgic and I decided to bring my stuff back up! Please check out my new secion (all condensed) called PIXEL COMMUNITY which includes all my affie gifts, scavenger hunts, teahouse teacups and my toybox with special adoptions!

Posted by Gaby on Jun 18th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Videos
June 8th - Christian the Lion :)
This seriously made me cry... I'm a sucker for stories like this... This is probably one of the most amazing things I've ever seen :)....

Posted by Gaby on Jun 8th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Videos
June 6th - Try to send me to Rehab but I say, no no NO!
Hi everyone! Sorry I forgot about posting yesterday's entry! I'm a bad webmiss... please don't hate me.. I found an extra cute video to make up for it :)!

Watch how all the sleeping piglets react when you sing to them :)! lol

Posted by Gaby on Jun 6th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Videos
June 3rd - Banker helps out ducklings!
I have amazing news! GMH (short for GivesMeHope) was featured as yesterday's "Daily Endorsement" over at Esquire.com (the men's health magazine!) I was so honored! I'm also really glad to announce that GMH has been doing wonderfully since the launching! If you wan't to read the article, please click the image below

And for today's cuteness, check out this story I found online. A duck family is caught in the city (after the babies hatched) and they need to get to the pond! Problem?... there's a parade going on today.... 2nd problem? The mother duck laid her eggs on the second floor of the building... whoops :P! Check out and see how the ducklings made it safe to the pond!

Posted by Gaby on Jun 3rd | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Videos
May 31st - Update on GMH and Ninja Cat!
Hey guys! let me keep you guys posted on everything that's happened lately! as you read in yesterday's entry, my fiancee Emerson and I launched our new site yesterday called "Gives me Hope". We asked all our readers and visitors to please Digg the site up if they liked it. If you receive enough diggs, your article makes it to the front page where thousands of people will see it. In about 2 hours we made it to the front page, and thanks to that we received over 185,000 hits in 24 hours!

It was seriously amazing! people really loved the site, in the short period of time its been online, GMH gained 209 Twitter Followers, 317 Facebook Followers, and 438 people who registered for an account at GMH! I can safely say we had a GREAT first day and I cannot wait to see how the site will keep growing and improving over the next few days! I'll keep you guys posted

Now back to normal cuteness! Let me post a video about an amazing ninja cat. I thought it was fake at first, so I did some researching and this video is TRUE! its amazing!

Posted by Gaby on May 31st | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Videos
May 29th - Whack-a-MOUSE!
Did you guys ever play that game called whack-a-mole? You know... you had a plastic hammer and whenever the mole came out of the hole you would hit it in the head? Well.. I found this online recently, and it looks a lot more fun that whack-a-mole! Enjoy!

Posted by Gaby on May 28th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Videos
May 19th - Patches the pet Horse
I found this video of Patches, the Horse that loves McDonalds hamburgers and riding in the backseat of the car! The two men who owned Patches decided to adjust the car so that Patches could ride in the backseat! Its amazing!

Posted by Gaby on May 19th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Videos
May 19th - Tillman the skateboarding bulldog
This is a video of the amazing Tillman the skateboarding dog. He started skateboarding when he was 1 year old. He's even appeared in iphone commercial and is extremely talented on the skateboard, surfboard, etc! To learn more about Tillman visit his site by clicking HERE. The second video is Tillman's appearance on the iphone commercial.

Posted by Gaby on May 19th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Videos
May 16th - Nora the Piano playing cat!
Thanks to Bill for this submission! This is a video of Nora the piano playing cat. She's really talented too! Check it out!

Posted by Gaby on May 16th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Videos
May 13th - The squirrel who could :)
Thanks to our reader Alexandra for the submission of this unbelievably cute video. Story of the Baby Squirrel who could :)

I get by with a little help from my friends :)!

Posted by Gaby on May 12th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Videos
May 10th - Ninja Squirrel
And you thought that squirrels were so cute and fluffy huh? Watch out guys... Squirrels are ninjas in disguise... Check out this a video of a ninja squirrel caught on tape:

Posted by Gaby on May 10th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Videos
May 4th - Flying... PENGUINS?
Hey everyone! I knew it! All these years people made me think penguins couldn't fly, and now they're coming to visit me in South America! lol... :) In all seriousness though, this video is amazing. Its not true of course, it was created by the BBC, but wouldn't it be awesome to see flocks of penguins migrating to the south? (gets really excited)

After all penguins are my FAVORITE animals :)

Posted by Gaby on May 4th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Videos
Daily Cutefix April/3rd - Sneezing Panda & Commenting!
Hi Guys! Its pretty late over here (its almost 3:00am) But there's a lot of exciting news that I wanted to share with you so I needed to make a post before going to bed!

1) The commenting feature is working! and the free advertising offer is still standing! So sign up for a dailycute commenting account and leave me a message in this post! If you are one of the first 5 people to do it, you will receive free advertising for a week!

So Far the winners are:
1) Yana
2) Kitty
3) Dezi
4) Ferny

2) We are starting a commenter of the week program at Dailycute. This is how it will work. I will record how many times people comment in each post, and I will do so for every post for an entire week. At the end of the week, the top 5 commenters will win free advertising for the next week! They will also be listed in a box on the right that will display the names and the websites of the top commenters!

This is awesome because it will be a way to thank my commenters for all their support, and for them to get more traffic to their own sites :)!


To my Hostees Your sites are finally up! Remember to make any changes in your urls from skuisi to dailycute... I know its a pain :( .... but there's no other option. Thanks so much for being so patient while skuisi changed names!

And for today's cutefix.... its really short and funny, you have to look at it!

Posted by Gaby on Apr 4th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Videos
Daily Cutefix April/1st - Nom Nom Nom!
As you may have noticed recently... Dailycute has been totally out of whack lately! The really good news is that we changed to a new news posting script! Finally rid of cutenews.... because it kept getting spammed like CRAZY (even with spam protection) and for whatever reason my database got deleted again... frustrating!

Anyways, the only downside is that people have to register in order to comment :(, but its better than having all my content being wiped out all the time! The topsite and other stuff have been down too, but slowly everything is coming back to being online!

Last but not least, because of the new posting news script we are able to have categories! They are going to be listed in the left navigation bar, and you will be able to browse through all of Daily cute's cute entries!! I really wanted to make a new April Fool's joke today, but I spent all day taking care of stuff at Skuisi that has been down and stuf... :( .... Did anyone play any pranks on you?

And last but not least... today's cutefix is Nom Nom NOOOOOM! :D

Posted by Gaby on Apr 1st | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Videos
Daily Cutefix April/1st - Fuzzy Fuzzy CUTE CUTE!
Check out this video.. the name says it all.. its called "fuzzy fuzzy cute cute".... hahaha, my fav part is the dancing chicken on the cell phone! hahahaha

Anyway, after a hardcore day of working on Skuisi I feel like i've gotten back to a lot of the messages I got throughout the week. The new layout is also coming along, so sometime this week i'll do the switch! Be excited (new name and all!)

Sometime soon i'll be switching out of cutenews too... it gets so much spam! ugh.. do you guys get a lot of spam too? Its really annoying! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! :D

Ps - I think i'll be traveling to New York twice in the next couple of weeks! haha, the first time for my sister's engagement party (OMG so exciting!) and the second time for a Broadway class i'm taking at school! I'll tell you more about it later! bye guys!!

Posted by Gaby on Apr 1st | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Videos

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