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Welcome to DailyCute.net!

Hi, I'm Gaby and I love cute things! I created this site to share my passion with you. We feature the most kawaii pics, videos, paper crafts, do it yourself plushies & more!

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Updates and Daily Cuteness!

Unusual animals

January 5th - New Top DCers, New Family Member & a New Year!
Hi Everyone! I hope everyone celebrated an amazing beginning of the year. Everyone has their resolutions ready? Let's stick to them this year!

I have a handful of exciting announcements!

1) My friend Christine from www.sugarysweet.net is officially the newest member of the Daily Cute family! Her hosting company shut down so now she's with us :). I'm hosting her domain, so you don't see the .dailycute.net part of the domain, but she's still part of the family! Everyone go say hi to Christine and welcome her to the family (^__^)!

You might have noticed that Ashlee (another family member) recently got her own domain too! Ashleenah.com. Congratulations love!

2) We have new TopDcers.... drumroll please...... The top three DCers are:

Rachel with 6 comments - which means you commented on all blogs since the last TopDCers!
Dezi with 6 comments - you too Dezi! Proooooops!
Marg with 4 comments - So close! This is the first month you haven't come in in top 2! Its ok though, you've been a top DCer EVERY time! You get an honorable mention for being such a great commenter/supporter (^__^)

Rachel please comment on this entry telling me your button and site url so I can link you up for your free advertising. Dezi, your button will stay up till next TopDcers!

3) A girl named Abigail has been drawing some AMAZING stuff in DC's drawing board. Its unreal. Abigail, PROPS... you are one talented artist.
Check out her artwork, and if you want to draw your own masterpieces, visit our drawing board!

ps - Abigail's artwork is so cute, that it'll count today's cuteness... Congrats girl!

Posted by Gaby on Jan 4th | 6 Comments | Link | Categories: Unusual animals
December 29th - Christmas break, and ticklish toad!
Hi Everyone!

I'm so sorry I wasn't here in time to wish you all a Merry Christmas! On the 25th my family and I flew to the beach, and we're staying here until the 30th (we've had the worst internet connection, EVER). So i've hardly had time to check my mail, much less write a blog.

How was everyone's christmas? What did Santa bring you, and where did you spend the holiday? Please write in the comments, i'd LOVE to know!

In Ecuador, we celebrate christmas on the 24th, not the 25th (like people in the states do), which is why we flew to the beach on the 25th. I got some pretty clothes from my fam which I loved. Em's brother, Dylan got me to coolest shirt in the world. Its a shirt with a Chinchilla wearing sunglasses.... its.... Chinchillin'... Its so clever I LOVED IT! (shall post picture when I have a chance). Emerson got me a small crane game machine. I used to LOVE those when I was a kid (confesssion time.... I still do, haha) so it was such a fun/thoughful gift.

In case you are wondering, I haven't had a change to update top DCers. I've hardly had time to keep up with anything. I will do so when I go back to Quito (my house in Ecuador). Btw, I found out that the voting period was extended on the IceCaves web awards. We're so close to being #1, please vote for me in the contest and i'll love you FOREVER!... please please please please pretty please?

That's all for right now. I'll update DC with some fun stuff I've collected around the net when I get back from the beach, in the meantime watch this amazingly cute video of a ticklish frog. I want a frog now. (I want a Zoo actually.... hahaha)

Posted by Gaby on Dec 28th | 5 Comments | Link | Categories: Unusual animals
December 13th - 2009 Annual Web Awards at IcesCaves.net
December 13th - 2009 Annual Web Awards at IcesCaves.net
Hi Everyone,

I'm doing a quick blog because I just got some great news in my email. IceCaves.net is holding their annual web awards, and it turns out that DailyCute.net was nominated for two categories! I'm thrilled!, I wasn't even aware that DC was nominated in the first place.

So our two nominations are:
Most Inspirational Webmaster & Best Blogger. Voting starts today and it goes on until december 27th (when the winners are selected). I was also really excited to see that DC is currently in the lead for both categories ♥_♥.

So I wanted to ask a really big favor from my readers. If you guys have a minute, could you please go to IceCaves.net by clicking the banner below, and vote for Daily Cute in both our categories? It would mean so much to me if you could! You don't have to register to vote :)!

Apart from that, I have some new Christmas presents from my Secret Santa at THMB! I also have new gifts from other THMB members. Aren't these AWESOME? I'm so excited to find out who my Secret Santa is!

Today I went to a Christmas Tree Farm with Emerson's family. We took a long time picking the perfect Christmas Tree, and chopped it down XD! Then we rode on a two horse sleigh back to the cabin to pay for the tree. We had hot apple cider and listened to catchy Christmas carols. Everything was so Winter Wonderland themed and it was so much fun! It was my very first time doing this, but Em's family has been doing this for years! I was really happy I could join in this tradition this year :).

And that's about it guys, before I leave I'll give you some cuteness, and remember to keep warm and toasty during the holiday season! :D! Oh, and if you have a chance please vote for DC at IceCaves! ^_____^ !!!

Posted by Gaby on Dec 13th | 9 Comments | Link | Categories: Unusual animals
October 10th - SOTM contest coming to the end!
October 10th - SOTM contest coming to the end!
EDIT: Top DCers is closed, and the results are in! Congratulations to Marg and Rachel! You guys are the TopDCers! In case you are wondering, TopDCers are the most active commenters on the site. For being so supportive and awesome they have won two free weeks of advertising at Daily Cute (& lots of visitors thanks to that!) You guys are now in the TopDCer winning list. To learn more about top DCers, click HERE

Hi Everyone! How's everyone been doing? It seems like the question blog went well and a lot of questions were asked :)! If you ever feel like asking any questions go ahead and I'll answer in the next blog. The last question that I didn't get to answer in the last blog was

If you could change your name, what would it be?
I would probably change it to Elle. I've always loved that name for some reason. :D

Anyways, back to other news. I have a couple of updates

1. The SOTM competition will close on the 15th of this month! Be sure to put in your final votes before the 15th. Click HERE
2. We have a new hostee! Welcome Claire to the DC family, we're so happy to have you here! Click HERE to visit her, and look at how cute her layout is:

Apart from that, I've been working a lot on Givoogle and GMH. We're currently hosting a GivesMeHope video contest that went online today. To check out the videos and vote for your favorite click HERE. We also went to the University of Chicago the other day to meet with the dean of students. He's working with us bc he's interested in changing the school's computer's homepages to Givoogle :)! Exciting news!

Also before I leave, lets not forget today's cuteness!

Posted by Gaby on Oct 10th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Unusual animals
September 28th - Zoe my baby chinchilla!
Hi Everyone! Sorry I haven't updated in so long. I was away for the weekend and only had my phone for internet access so I couldn't update DC. I have been updating my twitter (from my phone though) so a lot of you probably know I was at the Purdue vs. Notre Dame game. Btw... if you don't have twitter, you should get it. Its my new recent addiction, I love it! Follow me here

I've recently started doing a new initiative on my twitter. For 30 minutes each day, I'm going around to my friends/followers on twitter and saying nice things about them, their websites, choice of music, profile pic, etc. I've done if for two days now, and everyone seems to be loving it. It makes me so happy to lighten up people's days n___n. I hope to keep doing this for a long time :) If you are a follower of mine on twitter, if you get a random tweet from me, now you know why!

On other news... meet Zoe! my baby chinchilla. I don't have a camera so the photo is low quality, but I also have a video that I took with the camera I won from the I can has cheezburger contest :). Hope you enjoy the video :)! I'm planning on getting a camera soon so I can have higher quality pics, and I need to get more lighting in because the pictures are a little dark. The video is short, and Emerson gives Zoe a kiss :)

Posted by Gaby on Sep 28th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Unusual animals
September 21st - Back!
Hi Everyone! Long time no update! The reason is that I wanted to give the SOTM the spotlight for a while so the sites could accumulate a lot of votes! Good luck to all the entrants you guys are doing fantastic! Keep it up till the 15th of October! To vote for SOTM click on the image below. These are the current results:

In regards to updates, here we go:

My affies have given me some gifts lately which are posted below! Thanks so much for these wonderful gifts! If you want to see who gave me each one, click on them.

Also, Daily Cute was written up in blondish.com, and it was selected as a site to quench your "cute" design craving! Check out a screenshot, or click on it to check out the article

I also found the missing star at Catch-a-star.net and got this prize for it!

Finally, the drawing board submissions have been updated, and include recent additions such as

And that's pretty much it! I've decided that the comments on the blogs regarding the SOTM will not be counted towards TopDcers, because everyone and their brother commented on it. But this blog entryWILL count towards top DCer points, so don't forget to comment! Before I go, check out the cuteness!

Posted by Gaby on Sep 21st | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Unusual animals
September 3rd - Happy Belated Birthday (to me... lol) and Wedding!
September 3rd - Happy Belated Birthday (to me... lol) and Wedding!
Hi Everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates recently. As you can guess I've been pretty busy with my birthday which was on September 1st! I didn't have time to make a blog entry here, which is such a shame I missed out on my b-day wishes :( ! And once the celebrations were over we had to pack to come to Jersey for Emerson's cousin's wedding.

We woke up this morning at 5am and it was a 10 hour drive, but we made it to New Jersey! Tomorrow is the wedding, but we're staying for a couple of days so I won't be back home in a while.

My birthday was really fun too! We went to Chillis with all my friends and then out to a club. Dylan even bought me a cute Tiara so people bought me drinks at the bar for free! The night before that Henry Emerson and Dyl cooked dinner and we had a pre-birthday celebration. I took a picture of the dinner, check it out here

Another thing that was awesome, (and if you follow me on Twitter you already know), Is that I won a video camera from the I can has cheezburger contest! look at the images below! It was so lucky and random, it was the best birthday surprise ever! I'm going to bed now because we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow, but I won't leave without posting some cuteness!

Posted by Gaby on Sep 3rd | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Unusual animals
August 27th - No internet!
August 27th - No internet!
I'M NOT DEAD! I promise!! Sorry I haven't posted in 3 days... I haven't had any internet, but today finally the people from Comcast came over to fix that. I'm so behind on my online life. All i've been able to use is twitter, because I was using it from emerson's phone. lol.

I'll write a longer entry with more updates tomorrow, but let me tell you a couple of things:

1) My birthday is coming up, on September 1st! I'm going to be turning 22 years old... Wow. It seems like yesterday I was 17 and going to college. Time really flies.

2) I'm thinking about getting a Chinchilla for my birthday. In case you don't know what a Chinchilla is, I posted a vide. Its the absolute CUTEST animal EVER. As many of you know, I got a guinea pig that I had to return because I got allergies to it. Chinchillas have so much hair (they are the softest mammal in the world) that they don't release that much dander (which is what i'm allergic to), making Chinchillas Hypo-allergenic. Isn't that AWESOME?

So i'm really excited i'll keep you guys posted.

3) I have a bunch of e-mails that I haven't read yet and people that want to advertise at Daily Cute. Promise to get back to everyone tomorrow :)!

So that's pretty much it. Just wanted to say sorry for not providing you with Daily Cuteness.. We should be back to regular programming tomorrow :)!

Posted by Gaby on Aug 27th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Unusual animals
August 21st - Emilie is here!
August 21st - Emilie is here!
Hi Everyone! Guess what? My friend Emilie (from uni) is visiting! She's actually on her way to come to our appt right now, so I'm excited! A lot of or friends from school have been coming back (because even though we graduated, they still have 1 more year to go) so I'm really excited to see them all again :)! I think we're throwing a housewarming party tonight, so we are cleaning our apt right now.

Other exciting news, we have a new member moving into the Daily Cute family! Her name is Angelica, and we're so excited to have her! Her site is wonderful and she's just started to move in. We're happy to have you here. To visit her existing site go here

Final news, one of our readers was kind enough to sumbit dozens of cute pictures for our daily updates, so i'll be posting these over the next week or so :). My heart pretty much melted when I saw all the cuteness... Especially that of this baby seal covered in snow! waaaaaah (cute overdose)...

Posted by Gaby on Aug 21st | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Unusual animals
August 16th - Running out of gas and baby belugas!
August 16th - Running out of gas and baby belugas!
Hi Guys! So... funny story today. If you guys check my Twitter you probably already heard about it, but lemme go into more detail now. So today Emerson took me to go se the new Miyazaki movie called Ponyo (which was really cute btw), and on the way back my car ran out of gas... in the middle of the street. It was bad... eventually a cop car came over to help us push the car into a driveway, and then my friends dylan and bill came to the rescue with a gallon of gasoline. Fun times! Here's a picture emerson took with his I-phone of me sitting on top of my car... it was really funny actually! We had a blast... we even made friends with the people who lived in the hosue by the parkway we stopped at! I'm also posting an adorable picture of a kid with a baby beluga. Baby belugas are awesome!
One last thing, if any of you guys are members at Teahouse Message Board, I would appreciate it so much if you could vote for DailyCute for Site of the Year! It would mean the world to me, and it'll take you about 5 seconds! Here is the link! Thanks so much guys!

Posted by Gaby on Aug 15th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Unusual animals
August 13th - My pet goat!
August 13th - My pet goat!
I pretty much found the most amazing image ever. I was browsing a site today called Picture is unrelated which has the most random/funny images you'll ever see. If you like the Failblog, you'll love picture is unrelated. I only whish I had a pet goat, and we could jump around on a trampoline like this.

On other news. My friend emilie is officially in south bend, and I could not be more excited. I haven't gotten to see her yet, but we will soon! I'll try to take some pictures of her visit (but I need to find my camera first).

Lastly, I decided that to give everyone a chance of being a top DCEr, I should refresh the point weekly! So this Sunday i'll wipe the slate clean for everyone to have a fair chance. If you are wondering what a top DCEr is, click here. Another thing, if you look at the top DCers box and you don't have all the points you've earned, its probably because it hasn't refreshed yet. The TopDcers list is embedded in an iframe, so just try refreshing DailyCute and it'll show up :)!

PS: I'm glad to see a lot of you liked March of the Penguins, like the comments said, the movie is a little sad, but very hopeful at the same time. Its a story about love, and its really endearing. I loved it so much that i'm watching it again with Emerson (he hasn't seen it yet)!

Posted by Gaby on Aug 13th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Unusual animals
July 24th - You don't talk much do you?
Hi everyone! Just wanted to check in and say hi! I went to the fair today, and ate tons of food! Funnel Cake and chocolate covered bananas... nom nom nom.

I'm also planning on making a Daily Cute directory, for pixel/cute sites to join. It might take me a while to make, but it'll be worth it once its complete! Before I go, let me leave you with this adorable picture :).
Bear: You don't talk much do you?

Posted by Gaby on Jul 24th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Unusual animals
July 18th - You can DO IT!!!
Hi Everyone! how's everyone doing? I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! I'm having fun here in DC and enjoying my last days hanging out with my friends! Yesterday we went to an event called Jazz in the Park. You get to sit with your friends, drink sangria and listen to the music! It was a LOT of fun! I will tell you guys more about the trip a little later! I'm gonna get going soon, but enjoy this cuteness before I go! Baby Hippos are awesome :)

Posted by Gaby on Jul 18th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Unusual animals
July 13th - Otter playing the keyboard
Hi everyone! Look at the amazing video that was submitted by one of our readers! This otter can play the keyboard! Its pretty amazing... When I used to have dogs they didn't even know the site command. Gives me something to look up to! lol... check it out!

On other news, i'm still in NYC and having a blast, but I only have 2 more days here! On the 14th i'm going to DC to visit my best friend, and on the 15th i'm getting ready to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! WOOOO! i'm excited ^-^ !

Posted by Gaby on Jul 13th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Unusual animals
July 1st - AMAZING NEWS!!!
I need to share this with you all because i'm SO EXCITED! I've been waiting for this day for SO LONG, and it finally happened. I'm really excited to announce that DailyCute.net has made it to the TOP 100,000 of all websites in the internet!

This is a BIG DEAL! Lemme explain: Alexa.com is an online company that tracks the ranking of all websites on the internet based on their daily unique hits. There are millions of websites on the internet, but Alexa only provides detailed statistics for the top 100,000 sites on the internet. DailyCute is currently receiving 700-900 hits a day ^-^, which was enough to bring it to the top 100,000!

Thank you everyone for helping DailyCute.net be a top 100,000 site! I could have never done it without you!!! This is a picture of the goodness :) Click the image to see the full picture. Also, check below for today's cute picture!

Posted by Gaby on Jul 1st | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Unusual animals
June 29th - Tired of Fast Food?
Hey Guys I have really exciting news! Our family here at DailyCute has grown, so I'm happy to announce that Becca is our new hostee! Please check out her site and leave her some comments so she feels welcome!

I also wanted to show you today's dosage of cuteness.... thanks photoshop for this... Are you tired of fast food? This is a healthy alternative! lol :)

Posted by Gaby on Jun 29th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Unusual animals
June 27th - Baby Giraffes are RIDICULOUSLY cute.... :)
This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! I WANT A PET GIRAFFE!... its never happening, but that's ok, I can always dream right? I always thought that working at a Zoo would be an amazing job. I secretly wish someday I have the opportunity to work at a zoo :). Maybe then i'll get to feed the Baby Giraffes :)

Since today I have decided to post cute Giraffes, Let me go ahead and show you my current forum signature! Cute right :)

Posted by Gaby on Jun 27th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Unusual animals
June 25th - Gimme some pleeeease?
June 25th - Gimme some pleeeease?
Hi Everyone! Just wanted to check in real quick! I'm really happy to announce that the reaction to my new site Givoogle.com was 100% percent positive! People are setting it as their homepage and loving it! I'll update later with more stats.

Btw, I joined this new rotation, Its called the Munkey Exchange, and its really cute! If you own a site I suggest you join it :)

And finally, check out today's cuteness :).... Sharing is caring :)

Posted by Gaby on Jun 25th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Unusual animals
June 14th - More Squirrel Cuteness!
I have no idea how they took this picture, but its AMAZING! I'm assuming its the same squirrel from the picture below! Either way, I LUV IT! :)!

Posted by Gaby on Jun 14th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Unusual animals
June 13th - Tiger and baby piglets
Hi Guys, check out this really endearing story I found :)! Its the story of a tiger who lost all her cubs due to an accident.. The tiger was heartbroken and zoologists classified her as clinically depressed. On another side of the zoo, a Mother Pig was killed, and left all her piglets abandoned.

So... what now? They decided to give the baby piglets to the tiger mommy and see if she would take them as her own. This is what happened :)

Posted by Gaby on Jun 13th | comments disabled | Link | Categories: Unusual animals

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